R & D Support

- Implementation of creating advanced research themes and promoting commercialization of business seeds -

The Foundation seeks promising seeds and technologies owned by research institutes and companies, through hearing from them. About these promising business seeds and technologies, the Foundation supports; kicking-off industry-academia-government collaborated research platform or public funded co-research and development projects, and steering the projects. And consulting on both business feasibilities as well as science technological consequences, the Foundation aims to lead their research and development until subsequent practical commercialization phase.

In 2013, as well as continuing previous projects, the Foundation concurrently gets consigned as a secretariat function, a supporting organization of these following contracted research and developments promoted by the national and local governments, of which function is to implement these projects.

Consignment from Kanagawa Prefecture
"Kanagawa innovation projects on growing industries"

  • "Development of DDS carrier for cancer treatment, direct targeting cancer cells"
  • "Development of lead compounds synthesis technology for rare malady treatment drug"

Consignment projects from Kanto Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
"Task solving medical devices, etc. development project (The Keihin coastal life innovation international composite strategy special area)"

  • "Proto-type development of pre-surgery practice supporting device for laparoscopic surgery"
  • "Proto-type development of microwave imaging device"
  • "Development of human cartilage for regenerative medicine via three- dimensional cell culture system"
  • "Proto-type development of bio artificial renal tubular device using human renal tubular tissue"
  • "Development of health monitoring device equipped minimally invasive injection needles"

The Foundation regularly seeks drug discovery and medicine related seeds, which are our core competence. We willingly welcome those contacts from research institutes and companies who can possibly collaborate on projects with us.